I am an experienced information systems professional with a track record of over 15 years in the industry engaged in the design, development and support of business applications for retail, manufacturing, customer service, hospitality, banking and health care sectors.

I have a great passion for technology, and over the years, in my long career I have been engaged in building a verity of software application systems from electronic point of sales, property management interfaces such as telephone PBX and electronic door locking, ERP systems, database applications, web applications and more recently data warehousing and business intelligence systems.

As I journey on through this ever growing maze of technologies within the industry, these blog pages helps me document what I learn, my experiences, ideas and thoughts. 

Besides my professional interests, when I have the time, I like to follow motor sports including Formula 1, Moto GP, World Endurance Championships and Touring Cars.

I am very happy to share these pages with everyone and hope that some of it may be of interest and use to my fellow industry professionals and others who happen to come across them.